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Senior Controls Engineer

Contact: Dinesh for Salary information and Employer name.

Location: Swanzey, NH

This position is principally responsible for the controls engineering and support of ultra-precision machine systems for the electro-optics manufacturing industry. This position will apply Newtonian physics to motion control problems, arriving at optimal solutions based on commercially available motion controllers, motors, amplifiers and feedback products. The Controls Engineer IV is expected to be a subject matter expert and mentor less senior engineers. The Controls Engineer IV will have the ability to define and resolve complex problems. Typical projects are a combination of new development, maintenance, and revision of existing applications.

Core Responsibilities/Duties:
• Subject matter expert with thorough knowledge of the controls engineering discipline.
• Solve complex controls problems using accepted engineering practices.
• Ability to lead large products.
• Develop new feedback techniques to enhance product performance while maintaining cost effectiveness.
• Conceptualize and engineer new, unique controls systems that meet customer requirements.
• Apply controls theory for servo tuning in both the time and frequency domain using Bode and/or Nyquist analysis to maximize servo performance while maintaining robust stability.
• Identify disturbance sources and attempt to mitigate using servo gains and/or other damping techniques.
• Handle multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, while effectively managing priorities and communicating progress.
• Actively participate in product design reviews and work directly with the engineering staff to develop cost effective solutions.
• Interface with engineers and technicians of the other Moore business units to help coordinate overall technical activities wherever appropriate and desirable.
• Ensure that all relevant data is collected, reviewed, and filed for all projects in accordance with standard procedures.
• Prepare and present detailed technical reports to management and staff.
• Write / publish papers and present at relevant conferences when mutually agreed upon with management.